The AR/VR lab (SIG) at HEC develops serious games for education and research
Some education projects are funded by the University under the label "TeachingWithVR". Please, visit the Digital CARE / TwVR website for more information.

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Game artists, animators, game developers, computer scientists

Liège Airport: training and digital twin

Partners: ASLB - Liège Airport
Field expert: M. Schyns
Development: Service Informatique de Gestion
Year: 2020-...

One of Pr. Schyns' fields of research is the domain of air transportation. It so happens that SIG is based in Liège where we can find Liège Airport, a renowned European cargo airport, base of operations for FedEx and Alibaba. Liège Airport and the companies operating within its walls, including ASLB, are faced with a plethora of challenges with costly material and potentially dangerous. What better way to test your theories on an actual airport? In addition to the plane cockpit and the warehouses, Liège Airport and its numerous resources are currently being digitally modelled. Want to drive a luggage cart to bring ULDs (containers) to an aircraft? Will you be able to operate the high loader to fill this aircraft? Would you like to simulate an emergency situation without hindering real airport activity? Do you know how to operate a snow plough...

Aquarium Museum ULiège - user experience

Field experts: M. Schyns, L. Dessart, P. Rigo, A. Kostyk, K. Cowan
Year: 2021

In the context of a research project in marketing, we started a partnership with the Aquarium Museum - University of Liège. The global goal is to improve the visitor experience thanks to a virtual reality immersion. The visitor is now able to compare the 'skeletons' of some animals with their real-life version in their real-life environment. Even better, you'll be able to catch crabs at the belgian seaside (La Panne with Maria's beach beds! ;-) , throw herrings to porpoises from a boat and even go under the sea to watch a huge rorqual catching shrimps.

There is also a second version of the environment about sharks and durability. It explains why some of our decisions have a negative impact on our world.

SpeakInVR - MeetingRoom

Field experts: E. Etienne, AL Leclercq, A. Remacle, M. Schyns
Development: Service Informatique de Gestion
Year: 2023

In the context of her PhD thesis, Ms. Etienne has for objective to create a smart learning environment. Public speaking is one of the most challenging tasks in many fields. Candidates will be able to train their public speaking skills in different contexts: a future teacher in front of students, a lawyer during a pleading session, a manager before a meeting in front of customers or stakeholders... With the help of managers, psychologists and speech therapists, a semi- or fully-automatic custom feedback will be delivered. Traditional as well as artificial intelligence tools are being developed to instantly give a feedback to the candidate. The environment is realistic. The virtual audience will react automatically to the orator's speech. Our research will first analyse what are the best attitudes for the audience (and their impact on the speaker) as well as the level of realism to attain in order to strengthen the sentiment of presence.

Once upon a
Anatomy - Histology

Field expert: Valérie Defaweux - CHU
Development: TeachingWithVR
Year: 2020

An interactive augmented reality tool allowing to visualize a kidney up to a microscopic level and with an unexampled level of biological accuracy based on the most recent research.
While most students tackle the subject of anatomy as a memory-based task, those who associate it with comprehension, integration with other disciplines and visualization at different levels, in particular microscopic, showcase better performance in terms of knowledge acquisition. Teaching tends towards an integration between anatomy and histology within the same tool.
Moreover, the use of a visualization tool of anatomical structures in 3D is a real opportunity to explain the pathology to patients and to involve them in the treatments given by healthcare professionals.

Once upon a time ... life
The Ascaris worm and the cell

Field expert: Eric Parmentier(FS)
Development: TeachingWithVR
Year: 2020

An interactive augmented reality tool allowing to visualize in its smallest details an Ascaris worm. Virtual dissection without any discomfort!
The application is aimed at students from high school to graduate school as well as all curious people. We currently show the cell and the earthworm but other organisms will be added soon. The principle is to visualize biological structures and to learn to identify the different parts with the help of 3D and list boxes. The main interest is to make the link between theory (the 3D object) and practical observations (real objects from histology). The user can thus take advantage of the 3D structures to understand figures usually given in courses and in textbooks. The data correspond perfectly with the courses generally taught in this field. In the earthworm, it is also possible to understand the organization of the main systems through the visualization of different cross-sections, and it helps to understand these different sections. The application also provides (in French and English) explanatory texts for the different structures.

Climatology and global warming

Field expert: S. Doutreloup
Development: TeachingWithVR
Year: 2021

The University of Liège has produced a new MOOC on climatology and global warming. We have developped an augmented reality companion to illustrates interactively some of the concepts presented in the MOOC.

La Force est dans l'ULiège

Field expert: Risk Assesment Group - University of Liège
Development: Liège Game Lab and SIG
Platform: Serious game for smartphone (also available on PC and Mac).
Year: 2022

Le virus SARS-CoV est à nos portes ! Saurez-vous prendre les bonnes décisions pour sauver les 25 000 membres de la communauté ULiège et éradiquer le virus ? Mais attention : le bien-être est évidemment au cœur des préoccupations des autorités universitaires ! Répondez à une succession de questions pour gérer la crise, trouvez un juste équilibre dans vos décisions pour maintenir la motivation de tous. Glissez votre doigt vers la droite (oui) ou la gauche (non) pour répondre aux questions.

Attention : d’une part, toutes vos décisions entraîneront des conséquences, et pas uniquement positives. Une « bonne » décision pour diminuer le nombre d’infectés peut avoir un mauvais impact sur le moral ; et inversement ! D’autre part, vos actions n’auront pas toujours d’action immédiate sur la pandémie : c’est bien l’ensemble de vos décisions qui aura un impact, à partir d’un certain moment et pour une certaine durée. N’attendez pas qu’il soit trop tard pour agir, et ne pensez pas qu’une «bonne» action aura nécessairement un effet positif dès la carte/jour suivant.

More information and Beta Version


Field experts: C. Stassart, M. Schyns
Year: 2021

This project has been developed to help children to better manage their anxiety. The child navigates on a smoal boat through two enchanted worlds. The fairy guides him and helps him to breath properly.
It is used by an hospital in the province of Liege. It is is also part of a research project at the University of Liege. Some extensions are under consideration, including one with bio-feedback trackers.

Training in Industry 4.0: piloting a robotic arm

Project by Jobs@Skills in partnership with SIG
Partner: WinDeco
Field experts: JP. Lardot, M. Schyns
Development: Jobs@Skills and Service Informatique de Gestion
Year: 2020

Health care - stop smoking

Field experts: A. Evangelista, S. Nannucci, E. Etienne, M. Schyns, P. Francotte, M. Delvaux
Development: Service Informatique de Gestion
Year: 2021

End of year thesis and research project in Psychology to study the reduction of the urge to smoke. The candidate is immersed in virtual reality in a movie theater. We study how some stimuli may modify his/her behavior. A specificity of this project is to consider not only visual stimuli but also auditory and olfactory stimuli!

HEC-Management School

Field expert: M. Schyns
Development: Service Informatique de Gestion
Year: 2019

HEC-Management School of the University of Liège, EQUIS and AACSB accredited, keeps welcoming more and more students. The University has therefore decided to build on the Louvrex site a new ultra-modern building with a focus on digital. It will also be a laboratory for new ways of learning (NWOL) and working (NWOW). The site configuration will allow for open-plan offices without allocated work desks; a revolution for a university. This cannot be improvised! Once the idea for the new building was underway, a 3D model in VR was conceived. It allowed to show the project to colleagues and its stakeholders, to try out different office configurations and to take complete ownership of the project before even the first shovel stroke! There exist multiple versions. The first being the most detailed, was developed for high range VR headsets like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. The second version is lighter and aimed at smartphones paired with a Google cardboard headset. Finally, students at HEC created an augmented reality version within the context of a course!

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Project by Jobs@Skills in partnership with SIG
Partner: Drug Analysis Lab - Medicine - ULiège
Expert: Pr. M. Fillet
Development: Jobs@Skills and Service Informatique de Gestion
Year: 2020

SPOC HPLC by Jobs@Skills

Supply chain

Field experts: Th. Pironet et M. Schyns
Development: TeachingWithVR - Service Informatique de Gestion
Year: 2020

This environment was created in the context of a supply chain course. Two modules have been developed. The first one aimed at determining what is the best configuration for a warehouse. A team of students equipped with VR headsets will have to control a forklift and compete to see who will be the fastest to complete a set of tasks after having chosen a warehouse configuration.
In the second module, alone or with others, the student will study what is the optimal way to distribute products within the warehouse and how to manage a 'picking list'. On foot or by driving a forklift, who will be the most efficient?
This is also the opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with a professional setting without danger or need to travel.

Flight simulator

Partner: ASLB (JM Urbani - R. Ramkissoon)
Field expert: M. Schyns
Development: Service Informatique de Gestion
Year: 2018

Learning by repetition! To allow pilots to rehearse their check-lists in the best conditions, a VR environment has been developed in which the cockpit of an ASLB Boeing has been faithfully recreated. All switches, buttons and levers can be operated. Our specificity? To focus on all details to produce a natural experience. No need for controllers, the fingers and hands are tracked (via infrared scanner or haptic gloves). You touch a virtual button and a vibration sent by a small haptic motor will give you the feeling to have touched a real one. You made it to take-off? Our motion simulator seat will make you feel the vibrations and will tilt depending on the angle of attack.
At a pedagogical level, multiple scenari have been developed. In the first one, the trainee is guided in his steps. Each element of the check-list is highlighted while it has not been activated. The examination mode allows the user to work without any hint... but all the mistakes are identified. 'Crash' mode allows to try out situations not advised for use with a real aircraft! Our simulator does not cost anything compared to a plane and allows for (almost) anything without putting the pilot nor the aircraft in danger.

Genetics - Data Visualization

Partner: GIGA - ULiège
Development: Service Informatique de Gestion
Year: 2020

How to explore data representing ARN cells in 3D. More about this research

Fallen Astronaut

Sponsor: Abbaye de Villers
Field experts: M. Schyns, P. Van Hoeydonck, E. Haubruge
Development: TeachingWithVR - Service d'Informatique de Gestion
Year: 2020

There exists only one art piece on display on the Moon. It commemorates the astronauts who lost their lives in service of space exploration and is the artwork of belgian artist Paul Van Hoeydonck and his son. On the 50th anniversary of man's first steps on the Moon, the Villers Abbey organized an exhibit and tasked us with the development of a VR environment allowing to relive spatial conquest and to go admire the artist's piece on the Moon!

SpeakInVR: Virtual Audience

Field experts: E. Etienne, AL Leclercq, F. Peters, A. Remacle, M. Schyns
Development: Service Informatique de Gestion
Platform: Cardboards
Year: 2020

In this research project, Elodie Etienne (PhD candidate) is studying how is perceived a virtual audience. Do we need photo-realistic or cartoon virtual characters? When these avatars take some positions or perform some gestures, how is it perceived by the participant? What is the level of arousal and valence for the predefined animations?
Such information will help us to create realistic VR environments where human behavior matters, like in many applications in Marketing, Human Resources Management or Psychology. This research project has been accepted at the 6th International AR/VR Conference (Lisbon).
We have created characters (most of them inspired by colleagues) and a specific VR environment for this research. Ultimately, this environment will be extended to train recruiters during job interviews.

Animation - Video Clips

Field experts: M. Schyns
Development: Service Informatique de Gestion
Platform: Social networks
Year: 2020

Our 3D photo-realistic avatars, twins of ULiege colleagues, were animated to present their work or to wish you a merry christmas:
Level-UP funding
HEC happy new year
Lab AR/VR SIG et QuantOM research group
Research project with colleagues in Psycho and Logopedy.

Managing emergency services

Research Project: S. Chaabane, AM Etienne, M Schyns, A Wagener
Research title: Impact of Virtual Reality on Stress Level and Sense of Competence in Ambulance Workers
VR Development: Service Informatique de Gestion
Year: 2018-2020

Virtual reality (VR) exposure is one of the tools used in clinical psychology to treat anxiety disorders. It is also used to enhance the resilience of soldiers by confronting them with virtual combat environments. Increasing their resilience could strengthen them against the negative consequences of trauma exposure or the suffering experienced by people they rescued. Most studies focused on military and emergency medical personnel but none has so far investigated ambulance workers’ experience (AW) while they are daily confronted with traumatic situations. The current study aims to assess the impact of a single VR exposure session on AW’ competence and stress.

Depression and physical activity

Master thesis: C. Jeanne, AM Etienne (supervisor), M Schyns, C. Stassart and A. Ruffault
Development: Service Informatique de Gestion

The lack of physical activity (PA) has deleterious consequences on physical and mental health. People who show symptoms of depression are particularly inactive. However, PA would be effective in reducing symptoms of depression. Several deficits at the level of motivation and action would make the practice of PA laborious for people who present symptoms of depression. The Health Action Process Approach (HAPA; Schwarzer, 2008) model would be relevant for improving the skills involved in behavior change. This study aims to investigate the effectiveness of an intervention based on the HAPA model to promote PA and decrease depressive symptoms in people with mild depressive symptoms.

HEC - Hall

Field experts: A. Ruffault, AM. Etienne, M. Schyns
Development: TeachingWithVR - Service Informatique Gestion
Year: 2017-2018

First digital environment conceived: the entrance hall of HEC-Management School of the University of Liège. It helped during the first experimentations as well as to introduce VR to multiple people. Who will dare cross the third floor on a wooden plank? Who will survive the onslaught of a hoard of students? Will you evade the snake at the parking entrance? How long will you take on our treadmill to reach the lab on the second floor?
It was also used in the context of a research project on the promotion of physical activity conducted by Alexis Ruffault. VR allows to completely take control of an experience and to modify its context on demand. Did you know that a staircase was initially planned at the center of the hall? The escalator however is only found in the virtual one ;-)


Field expert: Pr. V. Rots - Faculté de Philosophie et Lettres
Development: TeachingWithVR
Year: 2019

The analysis of flint says a lot about the lifestyle of our ancestors. Nevertheless, access to flint by students remains complicated. Indeed, it is difficult for students to walk around with rocks in their pockets. However, in augmented reality, they can visualize them with high fidelity where they want from their smartphone.
The system also enriches its content by including commentary, videos of the stonecutting process and a layer view of the flint's nucleus.

Overcoming your phobias

Field expert: Pr. AM Etienne (Faculté de Psychologie, Logopédie et Sc. de l'Education
Development: TeachingWithVR
Year: 2018

Virtual reality allows a progressive and entirely controlled supervision. With the help of a healthcare professional, you can overcome your phobias twice as quickly thanks to VR.
Three 3D environmenents were conceived or recycled for a progressive exposition and treatment: a natural landscape (snake in a swamp), the Jehay Castle and an urban setting.

La Cocina

Field expert: Pr. V. Peiffer (HEC-Ecole de gestion, département langues)
Development: TeachingWithVR
Year: 2018

Learn a language by fully immersing yourself completely in the corresponding living space. Follow a recipe spoken out loud in Spanish and make a delicious (virtual) gaspacho! The module can be used as a self-learning tool or within a lesson directed by the professor. The kitchen and dining room are fully equipped and filled with objects and food items that are complex to describe. This environment had been proposed by three Master students (L. Damoiseaux-Delnoy, C. Eloy, C. Rihon) from the Digital Business program at HEC-Liège in the context of a course given by Pr. Schyns under the supervision of Pr. V. Peiffer (Spanish professor) with the support of the TwVR team.

Jehay Castle and Halloween

Sponsor: Liège Province
Field expert: R. Billen and Liège Province
Development: TeachingWithVR - Service de Géomatique
Year: 2019

For many years, Pr. Billen started to digitally archive the Jehay Castle, exceptional heritage site of the Liège Province. Using laser scanners and photogrammetry techniques, a hyper-realistic model of the castle has been generated.
Currently undergoing repairs and thus inaccessible to the public, a VR version was developed with the TwVR team to allow anyone to still visit the castle. ULiège at the service of its culture and its Region. The castle's exact replica has been placed in an enriched drawn context. Three versions exist! The first allows for a family to freely and simultaneously visit the castle's interior and exterior using headsets paired via a network connection. It is even possible to teleport oneself on clouds to admire the castle grounds from an unusual angle! The two other versions take you on a boat ride around the castle. Will you be brave enough to try the special Halloween edition?

AR Hololens: bin packing optimization of a container

Field experts: M. Schyns
Development: Service Informatique de Gestion
Year: 2020

Optimal packing of containers (ULDs) in particular for air transport.
Research topic: optimization of a packing "policy" via artificial intelligence and operations research techniques.
Research topic: training and decision making aid for on-site operators (guided by an augmented reality headset).


Field expert: M. Schyns
Development: Service Informatique de Gestion
Year: 2020

Augmented reality with Hololens, a hands-free headset.
Operations field guide and realtime assistance to replace a broken fuse.

CSTC new building

Partner: CSTC
Field expert: M. Schyns
Development: Service Informatique de Gestion
Year: 2018

Presentation of CSTC's new building.

Construction: visit your future home

Sponsor: T-Palm
Field experts: M. Schyns, Q. Valembois
Development: Service Informatique de Gestion
Year: 2018

Ask your architect the 3D plan of your future home. Our software will extract and optimize it for VR. You will then be able to walk freely within your future home and make sure it meets your expectations. Various options allow you to see it from different points of view (human height, giant, mouse, ...) and under different circumstances (What would the natural lighting and shadows look like at a specific date?).

Other VR/AR projects at ULiège

Different AR/VR developments are being conducted at ULiège, either at an institutional level by TeachingWithVR within "CARE numérique" (Cellule d'Appui à la Recherche et à l'Enseignement), either by different services within the University.
For more information are available on the CARE numérique's website.